Cheap and Easy Remodeling Moves

For those of you who don’t want to spend much on your home, here are some idea!

– Change lighting

  • If you have florescent lighting, change to a softer incandescent glow!

  • Put in under-cabinet lighting on your kitchen cabinets.

  • Change our your old bath vanity light that’s glossy nickel with the row of old round bulbs for a rubbed bronze light set with glass lamps.

– Paint the walls!

  • I’m sure that yellow hue in the kitchen looked great 20 years ago… Pick a trendy color that can go with anything, especially if you’re afraid of picking a color that is “loud”.  Go with neutrals, unless you’re brave. Remember satin finish in the walls please!

  • Repaint the nasty trim that’s been collecting dirt and scuff marks. Choose the color in a semi gloss finish so it’ll shine.

– Change out fixtures

  • Cabinet knobs and hardware.

  • Kitchen and bath faucets

  • Door knobs/hinges. If your hinges don’t match your knobs, it’s like your shirt not matching your shorts…

– Rearrange your furniture

  • Simple, yet effective

– Creative designs

  • Be creative. Change the curtains, add a few pictures on the wall, give the room some character. Just have fun with it. It’s your home!

As always, with whatever you do,

Do it right

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Matt Crosby