Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The housing economy in Houston recently has been very good. Home builders are becoming busier than ever. Realtors are able to sell the new homes being built. There are thousands of people moving into the city every month. This might warrant the question, “Should we sell our house, or just fix it up?”

Maybe you’ve been in your home for 30 years and are ready for a change. Or maybe you are currently renting and would love to nab a home during this ideal housing economy climate. Here are your basic options:

– Buy a new home

– Buy an older home to fix up

– Stay where we are and fix it up

Questions to ask yourself:

1) Do we enjoy our neighborhood?

2) Are we willing to uproot and relocate just for a new feel

3) Would the money invested in our home to remodel be worth it?

Buying a new build isn’t everyone’s answer. Neither is remodeling. It’s best to weigh out the differences, the pros and cons, get some estimates on building your dream home, and estimates on turning your current home into your dream home. Once you see some numbers on paper, the answers will come.

We love to work with homeowners in helping them assess what the best options for their home might be. If you are in The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring area, contact us today at 281-907-8146 for a free bid and consultation on your home’s design and space solutions.

Matt Crosby