The General Contractor

A big trend lately in the homeowner world is to be your own General Contractor, meaning you manage the entire job. YOU find and hire the subs. YOU make sure it gets finished in a timely manner. YOU do the research and make sure everything is done.

Some people enjoy the concept of flexing their muscles and getting it done themselves to save money. If you’re one of those people, here are a few pros and cons to using a General Contractor:


– You have to pay him. General Contractors (“GC”) by majority calculate their pay off a percentage of the entire job. So if one person’s fee is 10%, and the labor and materials for the entire job is $10,000, the contractor would charge $1,000 for his services

- Choosing the wrong GC for the job can lead to a disaster. There is a level of trust you put in a GC when starting the job, and by the time you feel like you have to take back control, it’s probably too late, and damage has been done.


– You get a professional who not only knows what he’s doing, and also knows a slew of subs who know what they’re doing. And these subs want to keep the GC around for more work for themselves, so they want to always do a great job for him. Hiring a sub just as a homeowner can be dangerous because the homeowner won’t have steady work for the sub like a GC would, possibly making his incentive for timely and quality work a bit less.

– The GC is at your disposal. Have a problem with one of the sub workers in your home? No need to confront him yourself. You can talk with the GC, and it’s his duty to do the dirty work for you.

– The job will get finished more quickly. A GC will be seasoned in remodeling, so he will have a scheduled start and completion date. This means you’ll actually have a finished product in days or weeks rather than months or years.

While I believe the pros outway the cons, it’s up to you to decide how you want to approach your home remodel. Whether you want to tackle the unknown on your own, or hire a pro who can get it done right in a good time frame, you must feel comfortable with your decision.

Ask around, do some research, figure out who you can trust.

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Matt Crosby