Too Cheap or Not Too Cheap

So let’s say you’ve decided to finally go for that bathroom or kitchen remodel. You’ve either been saving your pennies for a bit of time, or have a home equity loan ready and waiting to knock it out. You find a few reputable contractors to get bids from. They all are good guys. You wait for the bids to come in.

As they come in, they’re all over the place! You wonder if they even saw the same project. 

Here are a few rule of thumbs for navigating through the sea of bids:

– Too Cheap:  I know you want to save money, but just because someone says they can do it for far less than anyone else doesn’t always mean you’re hitting the jackpot. Maybe this guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Or maybe he can do it for that cheap, but only with sub-par materials and labor, a job not worthy for a tree house.

– Too quick:  “We can start today!” This may seem tempting, but think about it: If they can start immediately, that means they have no other work, which means they aren’t busy, which means they aren’t wanted, which means they are either new in the business, or that no one else wants them around. 

– Too Good To Be True: Go with your gut on this. I know I’ve made the mistake of promising the world only to disappoint. Remember, don’t get caught up in the polished and shiny promises. Remodels take time and money, no way around it. 

Go with someone you trust, someone who you feel comfortable with, and call their references. They have references, right?

Matt Crosby